Nagios Only Shows Localhost

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Nagios Only Shows Localhost

Post by blade123 » Mon Nov 11, 2013 13:52

Hello Nconf users;
i posted this question in nagios forum but they suggested me to put also here.

This is my configuration:
ubuntu 12.04.3
nagios 4.0.1
nconf 1.3.0

I have setup everything correct and nconf works good, it creates Default_collector and global directory with all information inside.

nagios.cfg is configured to cfg_dir only to global and Default collector.

For a strange reason i don't know after i deployed the configuration from nconf to nagios, nagios is showing only Localhost.
I also tryed to remove localhost and add another machine but nagios shows me only localhost.

The temporary solution i found is to stop nagios service, delete objects.cache and objects.precache and the restart nagios.

I should be added that i tried with debian testing (jessie) and i don't have this problem.
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Re: Nagios Only Shows Localhost

Post by Guest » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:59


have same Problem. If I extract the Output of Nconf and copy it to the right place where Nagios is stored it works.
So I thing the deployment.ini is not working.

Anyone know what can we do?