How do you setup distributed nagios using Nconf

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How do you setup distributed nagios using Nconf

Post by uncommonsense » Wed May 20, 2009 19:20

Hi there,
I've been playing with nconf for a few days but I can't figure out how to setup a distributed nagios setup. Are there any guidelines available?



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Re: How do you setup distributed nagios using Nconf

Post by agargiulo » Thu May 21, 2009 17:28

What NConf does is it allows you to set up an unlimited amount of "collector" servers, which are responsible for actively checking your infrastructure, and then forward the results to a "monitor" server, which is only responsible for displaying the results and for sending out notifications. The advantage of NConf is that it will generate individual configuration files for each of your collectors, so that they do not have to process the whole information about all your devices.

The logic of how your servers talk to eachother is something you have to first configure on your own. That is very Nagios specific and there is lots of documentation out there on how to do that. That is a one-time setup. Once your servers are set up, NConf will then provide the ressource information on the devices you are checking. This is data that is subject to change far more often.

Here's some further insight: ... tart_guide