Service / Advservice duplication button

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Service / Advservice duplication button

Post by GMastaP » Fri Mar 30, 2012 14:44

I would like to suggest to add a duplicate button onto the service and adv services chart.

This makes it easier to generate new check commands based on existing ones.

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Re: Service / Advservice duplication button

Post by agargiulo » Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:37

1) the goal behind checkcommands is that you can specify default parameters which will be used every time you create a new service / advanced-service. You can change the default parameters and the new ones will be used from then on. That's why cloning services is not frequently used.

2) if you clone a complete host, all it's services will also be cloned (only works for services, not advanced-services)


Re: Service / Advservice duplication button

Post by GMastap » Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:04

Thanks for this answer.

But I am actually referring to the services and advanced services tab.

e.g. I have plenty of servers to monitor that do same services but provided on different ports.

my Servers using SSH port 2222 by default to reduce the script kiddy stuff. |But I have also servers that use port 22 or 2323.

their are two options to get SSH monitored. I modify each service for each host or I just duplicate the SSH advanced service with the port parameter.

Now it would help instead of getting into the service and copying everything into notepad and creating a new one, just click duplicate and the adv service / service appears with name "copy of ssh_check"

than I can modify only the necessary part e.g. SSH Port argument and store it as ssh_check_2222 or ssh_check 2323 and add this one to the corresponding hostsgroup templates