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Import config from database

Post by gridd » Mon Sep 17, 2012 03:25


Now I'm migrating from Nagios+NagiosQL to Icinga+Nconf, and I stucked into the problem of transferring configuration. Recommended way by use of bin/ is very inconvenient:
1. it stops every time at first duplicating data (but the script could be run multiple times, and the simple db constraints can handle it over )
2. it does not understand NagiosQL configs (while Nagios Core does :)
3. it even cannot skip comments in NagiosQL configs(starting by #)

In short, recommended migration way is a very boring procedure, especially when you have more than 200 nodes and about 2000 services and migrations from different nagios frontend.
Certainly, NCONF has some excellent features, such a bulk settings, that come handy at reconfiguration, but it is still far from desired.

Why not to use direct database connection to remote source Nagios core, where all the items in core db are correct and sound and import them directly from this one?

This going to be much better and convenient way.