Nconf - love it!

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Lee Melvin
Nconf - love it!

Post by Lee Melvin » Tue May 05, 2009 17:25

I've been running Nagios servers at multiple sites for about 8 years now; its an amazingly effective but fairly arcane monitoring tool. For a while, my wishlist of improvements for Nagios has included - GUI based configuration (for less sophisticated site admins), a uniform distributed configuration (so I don't have to juggle 5 independent Nagios servers), and a corporate scope web view and reporting for management and our helpdesk (5 independent servers makes aggregated reporting difficult). Nconf addresses all 3 of these extremely well. I'm currently working on a new master/collector infrastructure and porting all our service checks to the new system (as well as pushing some of the escalation logic into an external script), and hope to go production in a few weeks. If all goes well, nconf will be a big hit with management, and the Nagios/Nconf combo may deter the (6 figure) openview purchase that's been bandied about for the last year or two.

IMHO, Nconf is the most important add-on ever released for Nagios. Thanks very much for making it!


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Re: Nconf - love it!

Post by agargiulo » Wed May 06, 2009 11:52

Wow, thanks a lot for the cool feedback Lee!
This sure makes our effort seem worth it!

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Re: Nconf - love it!

Post by ebu129 » Sat May 23, 2009 07:04

I'm right there with Lee. Been using nagios for a while now, and it's an awesome tool. The problem has been though, since i'm a cli kinda guy, doing text files for the config was no biggie for me and my close colleagues, but we have a bunch of, hate to say it, "noobs" out there, that when it's not a web gui, they cringe.

A lot of them configure Cisco stuff though on the CLI, so why they don't like it, I still can't figure out...

NConf takes care of that though. It's awesome projects like this, and the dedication of you folks, that makes OpenSource so great. My boss really likes this program WhatsUp... which runs on Windows... and is just plain corny, and cannot even touch the customization nagios can.

So, I just wanted to thank you guys for making the argument to stick with OpenSource easier, and for a product that even the snide CLI guy can appreciate!



Re: Nconf - love it!

Post by ebu129 » Sat May 23, 2009 07:09

Forgot to mention, just like Lee said they are looking at openview, my companies Systems group is looking at MOM (Microsoft Operations Manager)

It's the biggest piece of bloat.

The consultant can't even get it to work right.

It costs a ba-gillion dollars (They charge 100 dollars per Access Point! And we use Wireless controllers with LWAPP ap's, so they can only be pinged.. Thats expensive freakin ping when you have 600+ AP's..)