Pretty sweet

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Pretty sweet

Post by N.Hanssen » Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:23

Hi, this application looks very good, i still have some configuration issues, but they are most likley my own fault :)

SKin looks very good!

The only thing that i have noticed, is that there is not much documentation on this product, and the "README" included with the files is outdated.
For example the path of the images (OS icons etc) is incorrect.

Would it be possible to setup a wiki or something, so people (users) can contribute to this project by helping you guys write documentation..

Keep up the good work!!

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Re: Pretty sweet

Post by fgander » Thu Jun 04, 2009 16:25


Thanks for your feedback!

Regarding your problems :

Did you have a look at the documentation here: ... umentation

For this fresh state of this project, this should really not be "not much documentation"...
I think you did not see this part...

the README just has the date of the first (and until now, the only one) release of NConf (v.1.2.4)
For example the path of the images (OS icons etc) is incorrect.
why should it be wrong ?
the documentation says its located in the

Code: Select all

and if you put the base icon package into a folder "base", you have to enter the path like "base/image.gif" into the OS details on NConf

I hope i could help you

regards fabian
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