My Configuration

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My Configuration

Postby arlbe1 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:05


Here we should post our configuration:

Dell Poweredge 2950III (Dual Xeon 2,8Ghz, 16GB, ...)
Debian 5.0 (x64)

Nagios 3.2 (just updated)
NagiosPlugins 1.4.13
NDOUtils 1.4b8
Nagios Process Business View 0.9.3
Impact Plugin for NagiosPB
SNMP NagTrap 0.1.3
Pnp4Nagios in Bulk Mode
NagVis 1.3rc1
OTRS 2.4.3 (TicketSystem)
and NConf 1.2.5 :-)

We monitor and visualize ~300 Hosts (Windows and Linux Servers, Windows Clients, VPNs, >25 SNMP Switch, Most Clients, Cash-Desks, Website, Internet-Connect,....) with about 2000 Services (ICMP, SNMP, SMTP, Exchange, SQL-Server, Oracle,....)

Strolz Johann

Re: My Configuration -- snmptt query

Postby yaka2b » Thu Apr 26, 2012 21:38


I am interested in integrating snmp trap handling via NConf and Nagios running on Debian 6 .

It appears you have got it going, can you help.

I have snmptt running on the nagios itself, but not sure how to integrate it with the NConf 1.3.0

Thanks in advance.

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