NCONF and Shinken

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NCONF and Shinken

Postby Torsten » Sun Apr 15, 2012 19:20

I'm just playing with shinken and nconf around,
maybe for someone this patch is useful (the nagios wrapper call onself shinken)
< if(!preg_match('/Nagios|Icinga/',implode(' ',$bin_out))){
> if(!preg_match('/Nagios|Icinga|Shinken/',implode(' ',$bin_out))){
< if($count==0){
< $total_msg .= "Error generating config";
< $status = "error";
> # if($count==0){
> # $total_msg .= "Error generating config";
> # $status = "error";
> # }
> if($status != "error"){
> $total_msg .= "OK generating config";
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Re: NCONF and Shinken

Postby rocketman » Tue Jun 05, 2012 18:25

dguenault, one of the Shinken developpers is doing integration work to get the two to play nicely together.

Hopefully things will work out. Nconf has a good interface and it would be a shame that it not serve more Nagios related open-sourced solutions.



Re: NCONF and Shinken

Postby fgander » Sat Jul 07, 2012 19:00

Sounds interesting.

I don't know Shinken yet, and I also don't use any monitoring solutions anymore due I changed my job to a more frontend-development focused job.
What do you mean with "is doing integration work" ? We were never contacted for adding such changes.
I was not active now quite some time and trying to get an overview of the questions here in the forum, and also working on some navigation and general style improvements when there is some time.

Please also note that we are doing ( or try to do ) this project in our free-time, and we are not paid for that, so don't forget that.

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