500 internal server error after manual install

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500 internal server error after manual install

Post by skyracktechnology » Tue May 01, 2012 19:42

Hello -

Despite multiple attempts, deleting all files, trying again etc. Going through requirements and file/dir permissions with a fine toothcomb. I havent been able to get automated install to work. My install.php kep returning a page with only the LHS bar with "pre-install check" "step 1" "step 2" etc etc on the page, but no content in the body of the page.
So I tried to go manual, just editing nconf.php and mysql.php. I've double checked all my file locations, db details, and permissions. As far as I can tell everything looks fine. I have compared with a working installation I have in dev.
I cannot get past HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error) for the home page (or other pages).
Is there something really obvious I'm missing. I'm going crazy!!!!

Having very successfully built nagios+nconf in local LAN environment, and loving it, I would appreciate any help.


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Re: 500 internal server error after manual install

Post by scrat » Wed May 02, 2012 15:40


Please have a look at your error.log-file of Apache and post the errors here.

What operating system do you use?



Re: 500 internal server error after manual install

Post by skyracktechnology » Wed May 02, 2012 22:17

Hello - Thanks for your swift reply.

This turned out to be a whole series of errors that I've picked up this evening ... a salutory lesson in not rushing an install at night!

My advice to everyone:
- check all your directory and file permissions, then check them again, then really check them
- check typos in user names (I had a single capital wrong)
- check you've set DB and host permissions on your DB
- if you're manually installing dont forget to run the create sql script!
- double check your php install ... despite running other php apps on this box, I was actually missing the php mysql client

Apache access and error logs are a good pointer!