host template's parent templates not sticky

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Alexis Huxley

host template's parent templates not sticky

Post by Alexis Huxley » Wed Feb 29, 2012 15:05

I have a set of host templates:

I want a template called 'all' to be the lowest level template from which all other templates inherit. For this template, I set the check and notification periods and the contact group and that's about all.

Then I'll have four templates that inherit from 'all'; namely 'all-linux', 'all-printers', 'all-switches', 'all-windows'.

Then I'll have two templates that inherit from 'all-linux'; namely 'all-ubuntu-linux' and 'all-debian-linux', and so on; you get the idea.

Then when I add hosts then I choose the most-specific template I can for it (e.g. if it's a Debian host then I choose only the 'all-debian-linux' template for it).

However, after I had set these up, I went back to look at by 'all' template, and saw that it had several *child* templates marked as parents:; I don't believe I configured it like this. Oh well, perhaps I did, so I better remove them.

So I clicked the left-double-headed arrow to move all those wrongly-assigned parent templates out so I got this:

But when I submit this change and then go back and inspect the 'all' template again those child templates are marked as parents again! Have I misunderstood something? Advice appreciated! Thanks very much!

I'm using 1.3.0.


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Re: host template's parent templates not sticky

Post by agargiulo » Wed Mar 14, 2012 22:31


This is a known bug of the GUI. It affects recursive assignments between items of the same kind (e.g. assigning a template to another template). The preselected items in the list are wrong, they are not actually linked, but they are falsely highlighted in the list. You may safely ignore the fact, it's only a GUI display problem. The config should still be generated properly, and if you look at the template details page you will see the templates properly linked. Also, you do not have to worry that if you accidentally hit the "save" button, your linking will be messed up. This will not happen.