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Distributed Monitoring

Post by NA_Connor » Wed Feb 15, 2012 13:08

Hi Guys!

After little effort the wonderful NConf is installed and working, however my next hurdle is a nagios/NConf one in that i have to remote sites both of which have a nagios box on site and I would like them to monitor stuff there instead of the central box. The central box will still need to be able to do checks as normal alongside collecting the remote results...So how would you guys suggest doing this?

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Re: Distributed Monitoring

Post by agargiulo » Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:32


There are various Nagios-related guides out there that explain how to set up a distributed monitoring environment with various servers (e.g. using "NSCA").

The general approach with NConf is that you have servers which are dedicated to collecting the status information from your hosts ("collector" servers) and one additional central server that is used to aggregate and display the check results and do the alarming ("monitor" server). While it is not the intention of the central server to do any active checking, there are ways of configuring this if needed. Please refer to the following threads for a possible approach on turning a monitor server into a monitor/collector: