Using a separate monitor server per site

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Using a separate monitor server per site

Post by zoodle » Thu Mar 20, 2014 23:16


I'm having some trouble using the collector/monitor setup. I'm probably doing something wrong and I welcome any help.

I'm using nconf to manage an icinga server in each of our 4 server sites. We're running about 1500 service checks across 900 hosts and all is working well. Each site has an icinga collector sending alerts via email and pagerduty. The classic WebUI is installed on each of these servers. I'm using a standard nconf installation to generate the configs and deploy them.

I'm seeing the service check latency climb and I believe I need to split each site into 2 icinga collectors sending check results to icinga monitor server. (3 servers total per site) When I did this, everything worked fine and the latency has gone down. But, when I go to the Icinga WebUI at each site, I see hosts and services for all 4 sites. Because the collectors only submit passive data to the monitor at the same site most of the hosts and services are purple (unknown state).

Is it possible for a monitor server to only display and alert on the hosts assigned to collector-1 and collector-2?

Thank you,