CSV Import Problem with Zero-Values (0) (with suggestion)

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CSV Import Problem with Zero-Values (0) (with suggestion)

Postby breml_ » Mon Dec 16, 2013 09:25


I tried to import host-templates via CSV files, but I ran into problems. The CSV importer doesn't like "0" as values. This is especialy a problem, if one tries to set a required field to the value "0", which is the normal case for the field "register" in templates.

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/var/www/html/nconf/bin/add_items_from_csv.pl -c host-template -f /root/nconf/static/host-template.csv

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[ Initializing NConf perl-API (library version 0.3, written by A. Gargiulo) ]
[ Copyright (c) 2006 - 2012 Sunrise Communications AG, Zurich, Switzerland  ]

[INFO]  Started executing /var/www/html/nconf/bin/add_items_from_csv.pl
[INFO]  CSV syntax found in file header. Using it.
[INFO]  Adding host-template 'Host_Template'
[WARN]  Mandatory attribute 'register' missing for host-template 'Host_Template'.
[ERROR] Failed to add host-template 'Host_Template'. Aborting

After looking into the code I found two locations, where the content of a variable is checked and where the value 0 resolves to false. This leads to the removal of the value for the respective field (register in my example).
I suggest to replace these checks with a variant, which handles the string "0" correctly.

1. nconf/bin/lib/NConf/ImportCsv.pm, line 153
I replaced
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if (my $value = shift @$row) {

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my $value = shift @$row;
if ($value || length $value) {

2. nconf/bin/lib/NConf/DB/Modify.pm, line 379
I replaced
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if((!$main_hash{$man_attr} && $main_hash{$man_attr} != 0) || $main_hash{$man_attr} eq ""){

Code: Select all
if((!$main_hash{$man_attr} && $main_hash{$man_attr} != 0) || $main_hash{$man_attr} eq "" || !length $main_hash{$man_attr}){

I'm not a perl specialist, so there may be drawbacks with my suggestion.
I would love to see a proper bug-fix for nconf, which allows to import CSV-files with "0" values.


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