Work around for displaying alias in overview

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Work around for displaying alias in overview

Postby michaelwholley » Tue Dec 03, 2013 18:37

I recently found NConf when I had to build a new Nagios server. Having manually edited the config files in the past, I really appreciate how easy it is now to manage Nagios thanks to NConf. In all of my use of it, there is only one thing that I found it wouldn't do, display aliases in the host overview page. I searched through documentation and the forums and the closest answer to how to display an alias was a post (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=937&p=3429&hilit=alias+host+overview#p3429) over a year and a half ago saying: it's coming.

I didn't want to re-open that old ticket but I'm guessing it has either been put on a back burner or it's "still coming". What I'm asking today, can I get any direction on how I could manually edit a php file to change what data fields are displayed in the host overview? All I care to see is hostname, alias, and address (maybe hostgroup but that one may not really matter) when looking at the host overview. It looks like I could backup the overview.php file and make the change there, but I'm not sure where, if not in multiple places, I would need to change things to make such a change.

Any direction on this point would be helpful. Thanks.
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