Generated Nagios User Permissions

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Generated Nagios User Permissions

Post by alasdair » Thu Nov 14, 2013 12:55


I have enabled NConf (1.3.0) to control user access also to Nagios (3.4.1-3) running on Debian 7.2.

I added the contact to one host and yes when I view, hosts or services I only see the information for that host. However the user can see everything (all hosts and services) under Host Groups and Server Groups.

Any idea what the issue could be?

Also it appears the only password algorithm that can be handled by Apache (2.2.22-13) is crypt, when using sha the user cannot authenticate and when using sha_raw the passwords are just plain text.

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Having added the Contact to a host and not the Contact Group as outlined in Adding "contacts" to the "Modify Host" screen of ... contacts&s makes no difference as the Contact still has access to all hosts and services via the mHost Groups and Service Groups sections of Nagios, which should show the same restricted views as the Hosts and Groups sections do.