creating services with different contacts

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creating services with different contacts

Post by tpe123 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 18:44

I've been struggling with nconf services/advanced services for a couple days now and need some direction.

Each server needs to send service notifications to three contacts. The site manager, the team manager and the operations group. I can't figure out how to create this in the nconf interface.

I've set up all the contact groups and hosts but I'm not seeing how to connect service templates and servicegroups to get this accomplished without resorting to cloning servers or inputting the same information for each service/host occurance.


I'm hoping to create hostgroups and service templates so the check_http services on redteam servers send notifications to the redteam manager and the check_http services on blueteam servers send notifications to the blueteam manager.

If I create an advanced service called redteam_check_http and another called blueteam_check_http with different contactgroups I can't create a host template that includes this advanced service.

I've looked at this so many different ways I'm not sure I'm making sense.

Thanks for the help!