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Configuration for Icinga 1.7

Posted: Tue May 22, 2012 21:33
by kaplan71
Hello --

I have completed the installation of the Icinga and Icinga-web 1.7, and NConf 1.3.0 applications. The server is designated to replace an existing Nagios 3.3.1 system, and to that end one of the goals here is to successfully migrate the configuration files and databases from the old to the new system. The NConf installation on the Nagios server is running the 1.2.6 release. A dump of the database on that server was completed, and the sql file from that server was successfully imported into that on the new server.

The next step here is to configure NConf 1.3.0 to work with the Icinga 1.7.0 installation, and I had several questions:

1. When going through the deployment.ini file, is it simply a matter of replacing any reference to nagios with that of icinga?
2. After the changes are made in the previous step, can I run the Generate Nagios Config utility in the console to create the files in question?
3. Are there any other steps that I should take before proceeding?


Re: Configuration for Icinga 1.7

Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 16:17
by scrat

Just make sure that you specify the correct paths in deployment.ini.

Code: Select all

target_file = "/usr/local/icinga/etc/Default_collector/"
target_file = "/usr/local/icinga/etc/global/"
reload_command = "sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/icinga reload"
In icinga.cfg make sure you configure cfg_dir in the same way as with nagios.

When you run the generate config script from command line, the configuration will be placed in you temp-dir, but want be deployed.
When deploying from Web make sure your webserver user (e.g. apache) has write permissions to the icinga cfg-directory (e.g. /usr/local/icinga/etc/.


Re: Configuration for Icinga 1.7

Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 19:25
by kaplan71
Hello --

I went through the motions of modifying the Local section of the deployment.ini file. Here is the syntax that was used:
;; LOCAL deployment ;;

;[extract config]
;type = local
;source_file = "/var/www/nconf/output/NagiosConfig.tgz"
;target_file = "/usr/local/icinga/etc/Default_collector/"
;action = extract

;[copy collector config]
;type = local
;source_file = "/tmp/Default_collector/"
;target_file = "/usr/local/icinga/etc/Default_collector/"
;action = copy

;[copy global config]
;type = local
;source_file = "/tmp/global/"
;target_file = "/usr/local/icinga/etc/global/"
;action = copy

;[copy nagios.cfg]
;type = local
;source_file = "/var/www/nconf/static_cfg/icinga.cfg"
;target_file = "/usr/local/icinga/etc/icinga.cfg"
;action = copy
;reload_command = "sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/icinga reload

When I tried running the Generate Nagios config utility within the console, the following error message appeared on-screen:
Icinga 1.7.0
Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Icinga Development Team (
Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Nagios Core Development Team and Community Contributors
Copyright (c) 1999-2009 Ethan Galstad
Last Modified: 05-15-2012
License: GPL

Reading configuration data...
Error: Cannot open main configuration file '/var/www/nconf/temp/test/Default_collector.cfg' for reading!
Error processing main config file!

***> The name of the main configuration file looks suspicious...

Make sure you are specifying the name of the MAIN configuration file on
the command line and not the name of another configuration file. The
main configuration file is typically '/usr/local/icinga/etc/icinga.cfg'

***> One or more problems was encountered while processing the config files...

Check your configuration file(s) to ensure that they contain valid
directives and data definitions. If you are upgrading from a previous
version of Icinga, you should be aware that some variables/definitions
may have been removed or modified in this version. Make sure to read
the HTML documentation regarding the config files, as well as the
'Whats New' section to find out what has changed.
I am not sure where my syntax is wrong, so if someone can point that out, I would appreciate it.