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Generate Nagios config

Post by ben9519 » Mon Oct 12, 2009 15:12


i want to use nconf, it seems to be a cool tool to simple manage nagios!
i installed a server with fedora 11 and installed nagios.

then i placed the nconf files in the same share folder as nagios.
whem i want to generate the nagios config i get the following error

Error accessing or executing Nagios binary '/usr/local/nagios/share/nconf/bin/nagios'.
Cannot run the mandatory syntax check.

how can i solve this problem, thread ... _binary.22 didn't worked out for me.

please advise

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Re: Generate Nagios config

Post by agargiulo » Wed Oct 14, 2009 13:56


Did you manually copy your nagios binary to the 'nconf/bin/' folder? Ist your NAGIOS_BIN constant set properly?
Make sure that apache can actually access and execute the binary in that folder.
You can test this by temp. giving your apache (or www-data) user a shell, and then doing "su - apache", and then executing your binary.

NConf will not generate the config unless it can run a syntax check. For this check, it needs the nagios binary.
For debugging purpouses you could manually trigger the 'nconf/bin/' script by command line and skip the syntax check....