Service Dependancies in Nconf?

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Service Dependancies in Nconf?

Post by jedblack » Tue Sep 15, 2009 23:08

I have about 20 service checks per host, but need to setup service dependancies within Nagios so I dont get 20 email the box is down or NRPE is not running...

Please...Please tell me there is a way to do this in NConf?

I have all my configs setup across a 6 poller environment using NConf....

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Re: Service Dependancies in Nconf?

Post by agargiulo » Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:48


Sorry, service dependencies are not implemented yet in the current version of NConf.

A feature we offer are "parent hosts". Maybe you can solve your NRPE issue with this, by using a host-alive-check, that checks if NRPE is running.
According to the Nagios documentation, if a host is down (i.e. the host-alive-check fails), and this host is declared as the parent of another host, then all hosts and services below that parent host will not send out any notifications (i.e. the hosts and services below the parent host are considered to be "unreachable" instead of "down", and you may chose to receive only notifications for hosts which are "down"). ... ility.html

Hope this was a help in some way. Let me know...