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NConf and Icinga

Post by schnuffle » Wed Sep 09, 2009 19:50

Hello dudes,
I just got Icinga and NConf up and running. Up to now there's one pitfall to correct before it is working and I want to leave a notive for others:

- Do the install as described
- Adjust the configs

Open "includes/ajax/exec_generate_config.php

On line 29 you will find the line:

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if(!preg_match('/Nagios/',implode(' ',$bin_out))){
change it to

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[code]if(!preg_match('/Icinga/',implode(' ',$bin_out))){

That's it, it should work now.

Anyway I find this code to check if the called binary is really the nagios binary not really sophisticated, but I'm not a real programmer so there's certainly a reason for it.

Okay, thanx again for this nice peace of code that eases my life a lot.

Have fun


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Re: NConf and Icinga

Post by agargiulo » Fri Sep 11, 2009 16:29


Thank you for this input. I have adapted this, so that it will be Icinga compatible in the next version of NConf.

Please make sure you also specify the proper path to your Icinga binary under 'config/nconf.php':

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define('NAGIOS_BIN', '/path/to/bin/icinga');
This "binary check" is necessary to make sure the binary is actually executable on the current server. Some people tend to compile Nagios / Icinga on another server and then copy the binary to their NConf webserver manually, thus resulting in an "error while loading shared libraries" error.