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by xkilian
Mon Feb 20, 2012 21:31
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Topic: NConf::DB::Modify::updateValue
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Re: NConf::DB::Modify::updateValue

Is it still planned to permit updating existing entries in 1.3.1. For automating updating data associated with hosts and services from an external CMDB or discovery script the update functions is really needed. I converted the almost famous Cricket configuration generator genDevConfig to ouput in Na...
by xkilian
Mon Feb 20, 2012 20:57
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Possible to merge two Nconf instances?
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Re: Possible to merge two Nconf instances?

This comes down to the import and export methods. The API should provide methods to export and import the configuration structure in a more strongly typed format like INI, YAML or XML. This would make it easier to meet the import/export requirements. From my understanding only CSV and Nagios config ...